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Sullivan County

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From our earliest visitors and historic settlers to our newest investors and residents, Sullivan County was, and continues to be, recognized as a perfect place to live, work, play and raise a family. With a desirable location, highly educated work force, nationally recognized schools and pro-business environment, Sullivan County is a great destination. When the colony that is now New York State established its first twelve counties in 1683, the present Sullivan County was part of Ulster County. In 1809, Sullivan County was split from Ulster.

In the late 19th century, the advent of factories driven by water power along the streams and rivers led to an increase in population in the County. Hamlets enlarged into towns. Then, big industry morphed into recreation becoming tourist-based by the middle of the twentieth century, with resorts established by European Jewish immigrants and their descendants in what became known as The Borscht Belt. Resort hotels featured a wide variety of famous and not-so entertainers. At the beginning of this period, visitors traveled to the area by train, later by automobile. The natural features and beauty of the area also provided a setting for numerous summer camps.