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Our Founder

Mary Collins our Founder

Mary Collins and her family moved to High Falls in 1968. The Collins family was abundantly welcomed by residents of the Hamlet, who amongst other things, brought homemade food creations and extended welcoming greetings to them in their new community.  

Mary began her career in real estate in the mid 1970’s by serving as an agent at a small independent brokerage in Stone Ridge.  In 1990 Mary decided that the time was right to apply her deep experience of the real estate business, proven track record, and her vision into the operation of her own business. Mary Collins Real Estate became a successful independent brokerage as well as a High Falls institution. The office continues to operate and thrive today in its original location.  

Mary deeply believed that the company should be welcoming and public friendly. Mary remembered well the warm embrace of the local community to her family when they first moved to High Falls, and she wanted everyone who is served by Mary Collins Real Estate to experience that same welcoming feeling.

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We were very curious to meet the woman so many called, Fluffy. Our first meeting was a week after our initial contact. We drove from NYC to meet Mary, at the old Nibble Nook. She was very friendly, open and a lot of fun. She also knew the area well and understood what we were looking for in our first home. To our amazement, it took only one day to find it!  All 10 homes she showed us were a good match but when we saw the 11th house of the day we knew we had found our dream home. That was 27 years ago. We were Mary’s first sale for Mary Collins Real Estate.   Mary remains one of our dearest and most cherished friends.

– Long time friends Michael and Sam