Hurley_Stone_House_Day stone house


Stone house in hurley

There is so much that is unique and interesting about the Town of Hurley.  It has one of the highest concentrations of original colonial era stone houses anywhere in the United States.  Many of these historical structures, which are on the National Register of Historic Sites, are clustered along Main St.  Radiating out from this centerpiece, the streets of Hurley gracefully wind through its neighborhoods – all of them well maintained – offering up homes of all sizes and prices, ranging from modest World War II era brick capes on smaller lots to much bigger homes situated on sizeable acreage.  While Hurley is next door to Kingston, which affords it easy access to the abundant offerings of this city, it is also near to a number of parks, trails, and forests. The Ashokan Reservoir and its surrounding pristine lands are within the Town as is the Bluestone Wild Forest, and the Hurley Rail Trail.  Within the Town of Hurley are the hamlets of West Hurley and Glenford.

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