Image of road winding into the mountains

Greene County

Road winding  in woods area

The population of Greene County is about half that of Ulster County, giving it a decidedly more rural flavor in the Catskill Mountains.  Greene County is also a bit farther from New York City than Ulster County – about 120 miles from Manhattan to the town of Catskill (the county’s seat).  Despite this added distance from the City, many areas of Greene County are popular as a weekend destination.  Greene County is only 35 miles from Albany, which also makes it an attractive location to live for those who work in the Capital District.

Here you will find a naturally beautiful upstate countryside, which is quite mountainous – the tallest peaks in the Catskills mountain range are found here.  Many of these peaks, which tend to be steep, have beautiful forested sides with clear creeks and streams – with waterfalls – flowing down them.  Much of the land in the southern tier of the County is within Catskill Park (a region of protected public and private lands).  Not all of Greene County is mountainous though as there are level farms to the north and west of the Catskills as well as more level areas along the Hudson River.

Many different types of homes are found in Greene County, ranging from modest remote seasonal cabins and small homes to larger year round family homes, and beyond.  Please allow us to orient you to the interesting communities and bountiful offerings of this special area of the Catskill Region.